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Launching the Portable Waterless Diffuser on July 2023.

GoodVibes Elevates the Travel Experience at BagsCity's "Going Places and Beyond: To the Cities That Never Sleeps."

JAKARTA, NOVEMBER 10TH – GoodVibes, A Proven. Drug-Free, Aromatherapy Infused Remedies and Personal Care to Alleviate Stress, Tension, and Sleep Anxiety, naturally., are thrilled to announce its participation in the much-anticipated "Going Places and Beyond" event by Bags City, a distinguished travel brand boasting three decades of expertise in catering to travelers' needs. The Event is set to sail from November 27th until December 3rd, 2023, at Main Atrium Pondok Indah Mall 3.


Travel, often synonymous with adventure and relaxation, can indeed be a source of stress. Planning, unpredictability, jet lag, language barriers, safety concerns, practical challenges, work-related duties, and health issues are common stressors. However, for many, these challenges are part of the adventure, making travel both a source of stress and joy. Ultimately, travel's impact on stress varies from person to person, but it undeniably remains a unique and personal human experience.


As a trusted companion for those seeking holistic well-being, GoodVibes aligns seamlessly with Bags City's commitment to providing top-grade travel essentials. The event, featuring renowned brands like Lojel, Thule, and Bagasi, showcases a comprehensive array of travel solutions that meet the diverse needs of modern travelers.


Bags City's innovative approach extends beyond merely offering travel products. With the establishment of BC Travelers, a customer loyalty platform, Bags City aims to enhance the travel experience for its valued customers. BC Travelers, a loyalty program born from years of accumulating loyal travelers, employs a point system that allows users to redeem a variety of benefits from Bags City and its esteemed partners.


GoodVibes provides necessities for travelers in this event, Pack Light: All Over Wash, a versatile solution crafted for travelers seeking simplicity and efficiency. This all-in-one wash caters to the needs of the modern explorer, offering a refreshing and invigorating experience while eliminating the need for multiple products. With Pack Light: All Over Wash, you can streamline your travel routine without compromising on freshness and cleanliness.


As a complement to Pack Light, we present GoodFix, an emulsion aromatherapy designed for immediate stress, tension, fatigue, and headache relief. GoodFix is a travel essential that combines the power of aromatherapy with a convenient, easy-to-use emulsion formula. Whether you're navigating through a bustling airport or winding down in your hotel room, GoodFix provides instant relief, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Compact and travel-friendly, GoodFix is the perfect solution for on-the-go applications, ensuring that your well-being is prioritized throughout your journey.


In acknowledgment of the profound importance of sustainable and mindful travel, GoodVibes is going to be a standout highlight of the event, bringing a holistic approach to the travel experience. Our participation goes beyond product displays; we are committed to fostering awareness and understanding of sustainable practices during travel with an insightful talkshow, delving into the significance of adopting eco-friendly measures while on the move.


Moreover, GoodVibes will have an engaging hands-on workshop during the event, offering attendees a unique opportunity to personally craft their own essential oil blends. This interactive session not only adds a distinctive touch to their wellness routines but also empowers them with the knowledge to integrate aromatherapy seamlessly into their travel rituals.


As an immersive element, GoodVibes is dedicated to providing an exclusive experience for BC Travelers. Our activation booth will be tailored to offer attendees a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation with a simple massage. This exclusive feature aims to deepen the connection between travel and well-being, underlining our commitment to enhancing every facet of the traveler's journey.


With these initiatives, GoodVibes strives to inspire and empower travelers to make conscious choices that contribute to a more sustainable and enjoyable travel lifestyle. As we look forward to the event, we are excited about the prospect of creating meaningful connections with attendees and fostering a community of travelers committed to well-being and sustainability.


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