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Hopeful, A Raya Hampers Series is Available March 2023


In 2014, my son was diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder and I found myself suffering from severe stress-induced Eczema in 2015, which only worsened with an allergic reaction to UV exposure.

This was when I was introduced to aromatherapy and the idea of GoodVibes was born.

My personal experience coupled with the realization that Jakarta is among the most stressful cities in the world*, prompted me to undertake deep research and study the effect of aromatherapy on  Stress, Tension and Sleep Anxiety.

2016 - Gina Priadini, gained her first certificates in aromatherapy safety from Tisserand Institute,  and Natural Skincare at Formula Botanica, United Kingdom.

2018 - We managed to close our first commercial order to provide our aromatherapy body wash and shampoo to  Hotel Monopoli, Jakarta.

We are so lucky to be in the zone where creativity has its place to bloom, and there when we try to introduce GoodVibes to the wider audience they were ecstatic to welcome and given us the smooth ride starting out. And this is our first showcase for the most hyped event in Jakarta; The Brightspot Market.

Starting out so modest, we used the unused box from Gudang Garam boxes and selling out more than 500 bottles in 4 days. It truly was a great start to make.

And following in 2019 is starting out the business and focused the solution into:

A Proven, drug-free aroma therapeutic personal care to alleviate stress, tension and sleep anxiety.

That is a humble start of the GoodVibes.


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